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Firefox’s surprise – good or bad?

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I was casually blogging yesterday, and making some changes after reviewing my entries, so I clicked the ‘update’ button to implement the edits. Then I noticed something strange.

In a separate tab, I’ve opened up my blog to check that the HTML renders okay in the browser. I was navigating away from the page, because I wanted to check something up online about goodwill (bad!). Then I clicked the ‘back’ button to navigate into my blog…only to find that the changes weren’t made!!

Obviously, anything loads faster from cache (kinda like a storage area for frequently accessed data, can be webpages, video data, etc.), and that’s what Firefox did. Instead of loading the most current version of the page automatically, we have to manually click the ‘refresh’ button!

Refresh Icon (Image Source:

Refresh - was it always manual?

Way vintage.

I think the giant tech players are really trying to push offline surfing as a notion. For example, in Chrome, when you open the window, even if you don’t have an Internet connection, it loads the pages that were open last from a specified memory location. (Sorry, guys, still haven’t figured out how it all works so far… XD)

It’s just so much easier if it just added a conditional statement to the browser code, saying, ‘if network connection established, send GET request to web server and translate to IP address with DNS, send back to browser, interpret HTML tags, CSS,  cookies’. In fact, all it had to do was to copy the entire subroutine (bunch of code) for delivering webpages to the user, and add a the ‘if’ condition to it!

Oh well, that’s just a thought from a distant user.

What do you guys think? Firefox should change? Really doesn’t matter?

Feel free to leave a thought! XD

Written by imicrothinking

October 7, 2009 at 9:13 am