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UP #0 Introductory: Numbers, numbers everywhere

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Somehow, we’re transfixed by numbers. If you go to any social platform, there’s going to be numbers, numbers, numbers…EVERYWHERE. Here’s a couple of examples:

1. Squidoo

Numbers in Squidoo

Numbers in Squidoo

2. Facebook

Numbers in Facebook

Numbers in Facebook

3. Youtube

Numbers in Youtube

Numbers in Youtube

4. Yahoo Answers

Numbers in Yahoo Answers

Numbers in Yahoo Answers

5. Twitter

Numbers in Twitter

Numbers in Twitter

I think numbers are great. They’re great for specifying exact precisions of different things you do, which helps you keep track of what you’re doing. Imagine the impact of Twitter without numbers. Instead of ‘755,325 followers’, you might have ‘a lot of followers’, which just kills the point of having a counter.

In fact, I don’t think we should confine our scope of thinking to programming, social media or the Internet alone. Time, prices, quantities are just some common applications of numbers that we see and use everyday, but there are a load of other examples that my poor mind can’t think of in an instant.

You know, we sometimes think that ‘it’s just nice to have a number there’ or ‘it looks more complete’, but imagine the impact without numbers in this world. Instead of ‘In this fiscal quarter, our revenues grew by 120% after breaking several sales record, at $120,000,000.’, we’d have ‘In this fiscal term, our revenues grew by a large margin after breaking several sales record, at a very large number.’ It’d sound ridiculous.

It might be an exaggeration to say this, but the world lives by numbers. It is the interim by which we quantify objects, entities, events, circumstances…any other thing you can assimilate.

So, what’s the point?

Well, later, I’ll be sure to post some stuff under the category ‘Universal principles’. I’d like to think of this as prep thinking to get assimilated with pre-requisites before getting into the universal stuff. You’d have to excuse me if I sound vainglorious at this point, but I think, out of everything here, this is of the utmost importance, and if you don’t remember anything else, you should at least take the abbreviated principles with you. These principles have extremely broad applications to every aspect of your lives. I’m not so brilliant as to come up with all of them, but I did think of some while observing various aspects of human behavior, but mostly, you’ll hear me ranting on and on about established principles, because they’re exactly that – established and proven.

At the end, I think I’ll do an ebook (FREE, obviously) because I think this is so crucial to every successful venture. Think of this as a toolkit that you can take with you to tackle some very, very tricky applications in real life. Remember, these are established principles over the course of centuries, millennia, eons…I’m just the delivery guy to collate this into a non-literary florilegium.

If I forget, do remind me, because I can be scatterbrained, and this is one heck of an important project I don’t want to lose sight of. Thanks in advance!!

Written by imicrothinking

October 6, 2009 at 2:48 pm

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