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The best way to eat green peas

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Hey guys!

Breakfast, as usual, is macaroni for me. My aunt keeps pestering me on about artificially enhanced foods, and she’s absolutely right, but I’m not going to spend hours fixing up a complex breakfast just because it’s more natural!

Well, I thought, ‘hey, why not just put in some frozen vegetables, so we can have a more nutritious breakfast?’ You know the pack that has peas, corn and carrot in it? That’s exactly it. While I’m okay with carrots and corn, I don’t particularly like the peas, because it feels like as if you’re eating chunks of mashed stuff with them.

So, what to do?

I remember a long time ago, my aunt (other aunt, I’ve a lot of aunts and uncles XD) told me that the best way to eat something you don’t have a preference for (but still have to do it because of certain circumstances…i.e. being polite), is to mix it with something that you really like.

Like, we often hear stories of parents blending eggs into a smoothie and saying it’s ‘magical water which can make your dreams come true’ or something, which is obviously contrived. But, the point is, IT WORKS!! Kids dig that stuff!

That’s not going to work with teens or adults. But I think we can replicate the same effect just by commingling food – a mélange of the good and the bad to nullify the taste. In the worst case scenario, everything doesn’t suit your tastes, if it’s really bland or something that you just don’t like, you can just imagine eating stuff you really like…while holding your breath. (Works, trust me! You won’t feel you’re eating the taste, you’ll just feel the texture of it in your mouth!)

I mean, obviously, don’t just try and mix in anything. A minus and a negative, in our case, nullifies. But in other cases, it can turn re-ealy negative. For instance, you love tomatoes. Fish, not so much. You try and eat tomatoes with fish. Not the best combination possible. If you want to breathe while eating, choose something with a similar texture to what you don’t like eating, so you’ll just feel as if you’re just eating the stuff that you like!

Or, conversely, you can just hold your breath…

Do you guys ever have a similar experience? I’d love to hear your stories!!! XD

Written by imicrothinking

October 6, 2009 at 10:20 am

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